We have detected that hixodigitaltrade.com is operating a crypto scam. The registration of hixodigitaltrade.com is recent, occurring just 29 days ago. Several pages on hixodigitaltrade.com are still devoid of content, displaying only placeholders. The profit guarantee plans offered on the website are all sham. Our investigation revealed no social media accounts for this project. The claimed company name on the website does not exist. The website is most likely being run from overseas. The verbiage found on various pages has been replicated from countless other scam websites. Genuine websites typically provide a business address, but our search yielded no results on any of the pages. No reviews that can be authenticated were found for this project, and the website lacks phone numbers for customer support.

❌ Recently Registered
❌ Fake Profit Guarantee
❌ Fake Business Name
❌ Copycat Content
❌ No Reviews
❌ Unfinished Website
❌ No Social Media
❌ Foreign Company
❌ No Address Found
❌ No Phone Numbers

Date of registration: January 18, 2024
Expiration: January 18, 2025
First detected: February 16, 2024
Registrar: HOSTINGER operations, UAB
Hosted by: Dns-parking.com
Ownership: Unknown