We have detected that hobbiesski.com is operating an online store scam. None of the pages on the website provided a valid physical address for the business, and the website does not provide any phone numbers for customer support. The domain name is new, having been registered only 88 days ago at the time of this report, and there are strong indications that the website is operated from China. Additionally, the website is operating under a made-up company name. Reports indicate that customers ordering from these websites have received nothing, knockoff products, or packages filled with junk. The verbiage found on various pages has been replicated from countless other scam websites. No reviews that can be authenticated were found for this project, and no social media accounts could be found for this project.

❌ No Address Found
❌ Recently Registered
❌ Fake Business Name
❌ Copycat Content
❌ No Social Media
❌ No Phone Numbers
❌ Foreign Ownership
❌ Fake Products
❌ No Reviews

Date of registration: October 06, 2023
Expiration: October 06, 2024
First detected: January 02, 2024
Registrar: Gname.com Pte. Ltd. www.gname.com
Hosted by: Cloudflare.com
Ownership: Unknown