We have detected that shoesmbsales.com is operating an online store scam. The verbiage on various pages has been copied from numerous other similar scam websites. The website fails to provide a valid physical address for the business. Verified legitimate reviews about this project are nonexistent. It is highly likely that the website is operated from China. The site does not offer any customer support phone numbers. Customers who purchase from these websites sometimes receive empty packages or counterfeit products. The domain name was registered recently, only 30 days ago. The website has no social media presence. The company name listed on the website is fictitious. What is an online shopping scam?

❌ Copycat Content
❌ No Reviews
❌ No Phone Numbers
❌ Recently Registered
❌ Fake Business Name
❌ No Address Found
❌ Foreign Ownership
❌ Fake Products
❌ No Social Media

Date of registration: January 16, 2024
Expiration: January 16, 2025
First detected: February 15, 2024
Registrar: Gname.com Pte. Ltd. www.gname.com
Hosted by: Cloudflare.com
Ownership: Unknown