We have detected that vleppofx.com is operating a crypto scam. The company name provided by the website is fake, and none of the profit guarantee plans available on the website are real. The domain name is relatively new, having been registered for only 32 days at the time of this report. The website lacks phone numbers for customer support. Legitimate reviews about this project are absent and unverifiable. Numerous pages remain empty, filled only with placeholder content. No social media accounts for this project could be found. The site is under the ownership and operation of an overseas organization or individuals. A genuine website typically provides a business address; however, our search yielded no results on any of the pages. The verbiage on various pages has been replicated from countless other scam websites. What is a crypto investment scam?

❌ Fake Business Name
❌ Recently Registered
❌ No Reviews
❌ No Social Media
❌ No Address Found
❌ Fake Profit Guarantee
❌ No Phone Numbers
❌ Unfinished Website
❌ Foreign Company
❌ Copycat Content

Date of registration: December 28, 2023
Expiration: December 28, 2024
First detected: January 29, 2024
Hosted by: Cloudflare.com
Ownership: Unknown

What is a crypto investment scam?

Cryptocurrency investment scams lure unsuspecting individuals with the allure of exceptionally high returns that are typically impossible to achieve. These scams promise daily or weekly profits that can range from an unrealistic 5% to a staggering 20% or more, creating an illusion of quick wealth. To stay under the radar and avoid being exposed by negative feedback, these fraudulent operations often cycle through newly registered domain names, making them hard to track. They intentionally avoid providing customer support contact numbers and steer clear of establishing a legitimate presence on well-known social media platforms, further obscuring their operations.


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The glowing testimonials presented on these scam websites are completely manufactured, designed to mislead potential investors. Unfortunately, for those who have been duped into sending money to these scammers, the chances of retrieving the lost funds are slim to none. This is due to the irreversible nature of cryptocurrency transactions, which, once executed, cannot be undone.

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