We have detected that atlaspartnersaps.com is operating a crypto scam. The site contains default content and placeholder text on many pages. The domain name was registered only 28 days ago. Language on the site has been copied from other scam websites. It uses a fictitious company name and lacks verifiable reviews. There are no social media accounts associated with the project. Customer support is absent as there are no phone numbers listed. The profit guarantee plans advertised are fraudulent. Control of the site rests with an overseas entity or individuals. Legitimate websites typically display a business address, but this site does not provide such information on any of its pages. What is a crypto investment scam?

❌ Unfinished Website
❌ Copycat Content
❌ No Reviews
❌ No Phone Numbers
❌ Foreign Company
❌ Recently Registered
❌ Fake Business Name
❌ No Social Media
❌ Fake Profit Guarantee
❌ No Address Found

Date of registration: January 07, 2024
Expiration: January 07, 2025
First detected: February 04, 2024
Registrar: Atak Domain apiname.com
Hosted by: Hostmane.net
Ownership: Unknown

What is a crypto investment scam?

Cryptocurrency investment scams have become a global issue, with fraudulent schemes luring investors with the promise of exorbitant returns and guaranteed profits on a daily or weekly basis. These operations are frequently based in countries that serve as digital crime sanctuaries, strategically chosen for their lax regulations and the difficulty they pose to international law enforcement. By situating themselves outside the reach of the United States and other nations with stringent financial oversight, these scammers can operate with relative impunity. The offshore nature of these scams provides a shield for the perpetrators, allowing them to operate under the radar of regulatory bodies and making it exceedingly tough for authorities to pursue legal action.


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For victims, the prospects of retrieving their investments are bleak, as the scammers can quickly vanish into the digital ether or exploit the intricacies of international law to their advantage. This geographical and legal complexity adds to the challenge of combating such fraudulent activities in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investment.

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